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SHOWROOM NOW CLOSED! A special thank-you to all of our loyal customers throughout the years.
Retirement Sale is Over

End of an Era – A New Chapter Begins!

After 38 years of serving the Edmonton area, Dempsey’s Fine Furnishings is closing it’s doors – forever!

We have seen the style of home furnishings change over those years, mostly for the better. But the one constant Dempsey’s has always maintained is our Canadian content combined with superb quality & customer service.

During the early portion of our Retirement Sale we repeatedly were told by our loyal customers how much they were going to miss our store (& Maddie) and were wondering where they could shop for quality furniture in Edmonton. Unfortunately, it is true that there are not as many quality stores remaining in Edmonton or even Alberta anymore – it is a sign of the new retail market that is taking over in all categories – where the next generation of consumers are demanding instant gratification at the expense of quality and customer service. As a result, our “Mom & Pop” style furniture store will become extinct in the future, but we are proud of the fact that Dempsey’s remained relevant for many years.

So, as Lorraine and I wind business up here at Dempsey’s in the next few weeks , we would like to thank all of our valuable customers for their past loyal patronage. Some of you became friends that would just drop in for a chat when you were in our neighbourhood - we appreciated those visits very much! We never tired of hearing how happy our customers were with their purchases from Dempsey’s & they were sure to tell their family & friends all about us...that was always our best advertising!

We would also like to thank our wonderful children, Courtney & Denver who both sacrificed a lot of their free time to constantly lend a helping hand over the years. It would have been a lot more difficult running the store without them! (I don’t think they will miss working on Saturdays).

We are beginning to look forward to the next chapter of our lives...travelling in our RV around North America! It promises to be a slower & more relaxing lifestyle – we plan to do most of the exploring without a time schedule...a totally new experience for us!

Happy Trails!!

Dean & Lorraine Mason