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Display Your Knick Knacks in a Beautiful Cabinet or Curio

Do you have a space in your home that needs a little “oomph”? Or do you have family heirlooms you would like to display so you can see them every day but in a way that protects them? One of our meticulously crafted curio cabinets is the perfect solution for your Edmonton home.

We have custom order curio cabinets constructed of the finest Canadian woods by outstanding Canadian craftsmen. The cabinets are available in a variety of sizes, stains and colours, in styles that perfectly fit your living space. If you prefer a casual, rustic look, there are curio cabinets in woods and styles just right for your home. Traditional? Sleek contemporary? Whatever style or woods you prefer, we have curio cabinets to fit YOUR Edmonton life.

Differently Shaped Curio Cabinets Fit Different Spaces In Edmonton Homes

A corner cabinet can be tall or short and will tuck beautifully into an entrance, and/or your living room or family area. These cabinets are a perfect way to showcase pieces of fine pottery or ceramic, your collection of whatever you have been bringing home since you were a child, or an eclectic assortment of family keepsakes. The contents can be a conversation starter with your guests or a display that adds a touching moment to your day as you glance at the cabinet.

Our console cabinets fit along a wall of your Edmonton home. They are a wonderful addition to an entrance, immediately telling your visitors something uniquely about you. Knick-knacks can silently alert visitors to your style. The covers of fine old books gleam from a console curio cabinet, as do a mix of collectible plates. If your dining room is too small for a china cabinet, a console curio cabinet allows you to display a collection of plates, dishes or old cookery in a smaller space that needs “something".

Whether you already own items to display or just need an eye-catching piece for a bland spot in your home, we have the perfect curio cabinet. Fill it with whatever is precious to you and enjoy knowing that you have added a future family heirloom to your home. That’s the Dempsey’s difference -- fine furniture from fine woods and great customer satisfaction, always.