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Media & Entertainment Furniture

  • 1207 Bar Stool
  • 1212 Bar Stool
  • 1215 Bar Stool
  • 1217 Bar Stool
  • 1267 Bar Stool
  • 1275 Bar Stool
  • 1276 Bar Stool
  • 1279 Bar Stool
  • 1282 Bar Stool
  • 1292 Bar Stool
  • 1293 Bar Stool
  • 1295 Bar Stool
  • 1312 Bar Stool
  • 1325 Bar Stool
  • 1352 Bar Stool
  • 1378 Bar Stool
  • 1575 Bar Stool
  • 1578 Bar Stool
  • 560 Bar Stool
  • Algoma Bar & Counter Stools
  • Algoma HDTV Unit with Hutch
  • Amy Game Chair
  • Bar Devino Wine & Bar Console
  • Barolo  Wine & Bar Console
  • Barossa Valley Wine & Bar Cabinet
  • Barrows Wine & Bar Console
  • Benmore Valley Wine & Bar Console
  • Bonavista Club Chair
  • Bonavista Game Table
  • Brooklyn 60" HDTV Cabinet
  • Brooklyn 74" HDTV Cabinet With Hutch
  • Brunello Wine & Bar Console
  • Butler Wine & Bar Console
  • Chattanooga Backless Bar & Counter Stools
  • Chattanooga Bar & Counter Stools
  • Cheers Bar
  • Cheers Bar Stool
  • Clare Valley Wine & Bar Console
  • Cognac Wine & Bar Console
  • Contempo 72" HDTV Console

Functional, Quality Entertainment Furniture for Your Home

Entertaining family and friends is one of the great joys of owning a house, especially if you have created an exceptional entertainment space within your home. When creating this space, technology will certainly play a part but so will the furniture that you place in the room. For the furniture, comfort, aesthetics and utility are things to consider when choosing such entertainment room furniture.

Create an Inviting Space for the Whole Family

A home entertainment or “media” room should be comfortable for everyone, provide plenty of insulation from outside noises and other intrusions while looking good. Designing the space may seem like a daunting task but the in-house designers at Dempsey's Fine Furnishings have a tremendous amount of experience in this area.

At Dempsey's, you will be able to choose anything from simple sofas through reclining rockers to complete theater seating. Depending on the amount of space you have in the room, you can also include a game table, library shelving or even a bar area complete with pub tables and stools. It can truly become the ultimate home entertainment room for you, your family and your friends. Just keep our motto, “Furniture for YOUR Life” in mind.

Visit us today to see our home entertainment furniture situated in realistic settings. Then consult with one of our design pros to determine exactly the custom entertainment furniture solution for your needs.